Frequently asked questions

What are the distances?

The Maze Runner is between 10K & 20K approximately, depending on your choices at the marked junctions. The Multi Terrain Adventure Races are 5k, 10K or 20K The Challenge Obstacle Coutsr Races are 5K or 10K

Is it traffic free?

Yes, no public roads are used.

Will there be marshals?

Yes equipped with walkie talkies, also Barrier tape and direction markers will be utilised.

Are there water stations?

Yes, around the course and at the start/finish.

Are there distance markers?

No distance markers in the Maze Runner as it depends on runner's choice at junctions Yes every kilometre in the Multi Terrain & Challenge Races

What is the terrain?

Gravel track, woodland trail, beach and small amount of tarmac/concrete path.

Are there medals?

Yes, fantastic quality for all finishers.

Are there trophies?

Yes, trophies for the first 3 in each race and the winners names will be etched onto the main warrior's trophy.

Are there T Shirts?

These can be ordered in advance when entering (not mandatory to keep the entry cost down).

Are their toilets?

Yes toilets will be available inside and outside the Park cafe near the start.

Can spectators watch?

es there are plenty of places around the route for spectators to sit/watch etc.

Is there parking?

There is ample parking for over 1000 cars.

Will there be food and drink facilities available?

Yes the cafe/restaurant will be open.

Will there be first aid available?

Yes Cariad will be on the course with an ambulance and paramedics.

Is the course suitable for wheelchairs?

Unfortunately not the event is not wheelchair friendly.